Mixed fabric

a textile fabric composed of two or more kinds of fiber, as a poplin.

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Section B with checklist of liked and disliked was tagged into natural, fabricated or mixed fabric consisting cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, cotton with nylon and cotton with polyester.
Most designers mixed fabric and chocolate, and many presented two looks instead of one -- often trousers and a dress.
Patchwork: This trend is all about patched, mixed fabric pieces.
In the case of mixed fabric (realized from carbon fibers and aramide fibers tows) the arrangement of tows is different.
The Italians were being particularly innovative as they had mixed fabric and leather in sofas, although generally leather is still in the ascendency with a wide range being used by the upholstery manufacturers.
The pair have just mixed Fabric 38, taking their atmospheric, intricate sound and beefing it up with groove lead direction that's more inviting and melodic than previous productions.
Anytime one of these so-called Christians starts using the Bible to denigrate us, ask them if they have ever worn clothing of mixed fabric (Deuteronomy 22:11).
But he warns problems can arise when people use DIY kits: "If you buy cheap, bad quality or mixed fabric hair, it will become matted if it gets wet.
Gloves boxing, competitive, semi-professional level, gloves boxing, competitive, semi-professional level, gloves boxing, training, semi-professional level, pairs, shorts for boxing, for adults, above the knee, mixed fabric, shorts for boxing, for adults, above the knee, mixed fabric
The two types of fabrics are denoted as C, for carbon fiber fabric or K for mixed fabric such as each reinforcement's sheet may be described as C(0 [degrees]), C(45 [degrees]), K(0 [degrees]) or K(45 [degrees]).
Scientists believe the mixed fabric is the key to the problem.