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A mixture of young leafy greens, often including young lettuces, used as salad.

[Provençal mesclom, mesclumo, mixture, from Vulgar Latin *misculāre, to mix thoroughly; see meddle.]


(Cookery) a green salad made from a mixture of young leaves and shoots


(ˈmɛs klən)
a salad consisting esp. of young, tender mixed greens.
[1985–90; < French, < mescler to mix]
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The other dish was The Yellowtail Kare-Kare with Karashisumiso Bagoong, thinly sliced fish served with mixed greens wrapped in paper-thin daikon.
Lunch: A leafy green salad with mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, carrots, lentils, crispy chickpeas, avocado, oil, and vinegar dressing.
For "Energy", diners can choose between carbs or greens such as mashed potatoes, aglio olio or fusilli for pasta, pepperoni rice or aligue rice, and mixed greens.
class="MsoNormalI ordered the Amani house salad which, according to the menu, was to come with mixed greens, chicken, bacon, egg, black olives and feta cheese (or blue cheese, if preferred) ndash the everything salad.
Or the Almond Butter Turmeric with chicken, apple slices, toasted almonds, and mixed greens.
and expanded to Old Metairie and South Market District.<br />The Hawaiian cuisine has been described as sushi in a bowl a salad-based dish that diners can build using raw fish, rice, mixed greens and other options.<br />In May, Pokworks announced plans to put its first Louisiana restaurant in Metairie, adjacent to Lakeside Shopping Center.
My side salad was pretty standard: mixed greens and a couple slices of radish, julienne carrots and tomatoes.
Served beautifully in a large bowl with mixed greens, it was actually cooked the right amount therefore avoiding being too heavy.
The side dishes included roast pumpkin, coriander labneh and mixed greens with a mustard and coriander seed dressing.
Mixed greens such as lettuce and kale did well, but potatoes did not.
To serve, arrange a few Boston lettuce leaves or a handful of mixed greens on a dinner plate.
The Domain Hotel and Spa Bahrain is hosting Daily Carnivore Combos at Le Sauvage Restaurant until Sunday, featuring either steak and ribs served with mixed greens, choice of starch and sauce, or steak and tiger prawns, served with mixed greens, choice of starch and sauce.