Mixed train

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a railway train containing both passenger and freight cars.

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If I see those gloomy faces any longer, as sure as my name's Garth, I'll give your mother written warning and go back to my friends by the mixed train at twelve forty.
Cadbury's first steam locomotive, an 0-4-0 saddle tank, hauls an Midland Railways mixed train and the company's own wagons around the works
At Brynglas it joined another loco, No 2 Dolgoch, to become a mixed train of passenger and goods services.
These potential new services consist of parking, repair, picking and cleaning for chemical wagons, rail connected cross docking of pallets and improved rail connections by setting up mixed trains with conventional and maritime container volumes.
All home fleet steam locomotives will be in operation with a variety of passenger, coal and mixed trains.
The gala also includes classic Ffestiniog Railway mixed trains, a full Victorian set of carriages, long slate wagon gravity trains and the railway''s unique collection of locomotives.