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n. pl. Mixtec or Mix·tecs
a. A member of a Mesoamerican Indian people of southern Mexico whose civilization was overthrown by the Aztecs in the 1500s.
b. A modern-day descendant of this people.
2. Any of the related group of Oto-Manguean languages spoken by this people.

[Spanish, from Nahuatl mixtecatl, inhabitant of Mixtecapán, a province of the Aztec empire.]


npl -tecs or -tec
1. (Peoples) a member of an American Indian people of Mexico
2. (Languages) the language of this people
Mixˈtecan adj, n


(ˈmis tɛk)

n., pl. -tecs, (esp. collectively) -tec.
1. a member of an American Indian people living primarily in N and W Oaxaca in Mexico.
2. the complex of Otomanguean languages spoken by the Mixtecs.
Mix•tec′an, adj., n.
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Downs was born and raised in Mexico; this half Mixteca/half Gringa sings in Spanish, English, Mixtec, Zapotec, Maya, and Nahuatl.
Sometimes La Voz del Valle broadcasted in Mixtec or Triqui; now the announcer was reading messages in Spanish.
Sahagun in reporting the ancient oral history of the Mixtec (Zapotec in the Formative period) in the central highlands noted that the early foreign [Maya] visiting traders "carried with them the black and red ink, the manuscripts and painted book, and the wisdom.
Cookery with that other familiar member of the family, the potato, was pioneered by the Mixtec and Inca people.
It's a community paper," Parsons says, "but, as one example of its ambition, it recently sent a reporter from Mexico to Washington state to document the lives of Mixtec Indian migrant workers, the latest new immigrant group to come to Santa Barbara County.
The Mixtec culture supplanted the Zapotec culture that was centered in Monte Alban.
Final profile is of young Mixtec Indian Eva Canseco, who left her village in Oaxaca, Mexico, to work in a Tijuana "NAFTA factory" at paltry wages.
This introduction is followed by several essays written by various experts and providing much more detail about the major tribes, including the Guajiro, Mexica (or Azetc), Mixtec, Otopame, Purepecha, Tarahumara, Yaqui, Mayo, and Yuma groups.
Speaking at the Produce Marketing Association's (PMA) annual meeting last year, Ward Fredericks, chairman, MIXTEC Group, Westlake Village, Calif.
The concert will include both traditional and contemporary compositions, sung in English and Spanish, as well as Mixtec, Zapotec and Nahuatl songs.
Poor craftsmen in the Mixtec region of Mexico receive little pay for their work.