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 (mē-yä′zä-kē, mē′yä-zä′kē)
A city of southeast Kyushu, Japan, southeast of Kumamoto on an arm of the Pacific Ocean. It is an industrial and resort center.


(ˈmi yɑˈzɑ ki)

a city on SE Kyushu, in Japan. 287,000.
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Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has already announced that there are no more projects for the franchise while FromSoftware focuses on its other titles.
This book examines six features films made by Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki during the period 2004-2013: three directed by Miyazaki (HowlAEs Moving Castle, Ponyo, and The Wind Rises) as well as three other films he contributed to: Tales from Earthsea, The Secret World of Arrietty, and From Up On Poppy Hill.
For those who can't make the trip, but wish to see Hayao Miyazaki at work, a new documentary, "The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness," offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of two Studio Ghibli toons, "The Wind Rises" and "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya," and the friendly rivalry between their respective directors.
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Shin Miyazaki, 35, who works at Chateau Restaurant Joel Robuchon in Tokyo, proved his mettle through nine rounds that tested his ability to dress a salad, flambe a pineapple and identify which drink works well with certain flavors.
Atsushi Miyazaki taken while he was distributing aid materials in earthquake stricken province of Van were presented to the Association for Aid and Relief (AAR) officials on Tuesday.
Shinmoe volcano on the border of Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures.
A 22-year-old man was sentenced to death Tuesday for killing his wife, baby and mother-in-law in the city of Miyazaki earlier this year, the third capital sentence given under the lay judge trial system that began last year.
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