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The binary star in the middle of the handle of the Big Dipper, in the constellation Ursa Major, approximately 78 light years from Earth.

[New Latin, from Arabic mi'zar, covering, apron (used as the name of the star Beta Andromeda, representing part of Andromeda's apron or girdle, but later applied to the star Mizar by Joseph Justus Scaliger, by confusion with an earlier name of Mizar, Mirak), from 'azara, to surround; see ʔzr in Semitic roots.]


(Celestial Objects) a multiple star having four components that lies in the Plough in the constellation Ursa Major and forms a visible binary with the star Alcor. Visual magnitude: 2.1; spectral type: A2V
[from Arabic mi'zar cloak]
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