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n. pl. Miz·ra·him (mĭz-rä′hēm)
A descendant of those Jews who historically lived in the Middle East and North Africa before the arrival of Sephardic exiles from Spain and Portugal in the late 1400s. Most present-day Mizrahim live in Israel, Europe, and the United States.

[Modern Israeli Hebrew mizrāḥī, eastern, Mizrahi : Hebrew mizrāḥ, place where the sun rises, the east (from zāraḥ, to rise (of the sun); akin to Aramaic dnaḥ, to rise, shine) + Hebrew , adj. suff.]

Miz·ra′hic (-hĭk) adj.
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Mizrahi, Dressler, and Thomas introduce students of criminal justice and interested readers to the many issues surrounding the process by which the criminal justice system can achieve a criminal conviction, focusing on the balance between protecting public safety and protecting individual rights.
In a Facebook post he shared with his 90,000 followers before curiously deleting it, he made the following argument: "the racial and political project that transformed Palestinian Jews (who lived peacefully with other Palestinians) into the 20th century identity category of 'Mizrahi' as a means of detaching them from Palestinian identity," he wrote.
Written and read by acclaimed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, I.M.: A Memoir describes the life of a creative genius in his own words.
In the 1995 documentary Unzipped, Isaac Mizrahi is a flurry of genius, spouting ideas and stories and impersonations.
Sarasota, FL, May 30, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Realtor Keren Mizrahi recently helped Florida Representative Margaret Good find office space at 2750 Stickney Point Road, Unit 104, in Sarasota.
In the latest edition of the Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing'sRadio + Television Business ReportandRadio Ink, Isaac Mizrahi, co-president and COO of Miami-based multicultural advertising agency Alma, discusses the important role both Spanish-language radio and English-language radio targeted to Hispanics has for the marketers and advertisers he works with on a daily basis.
In 2016, first-generation Ashkenazi men who immigrated to Israel before 1989 topped the list with an average wage of NIS 17,640; after them were second-generation Ashkenazi men, with NIS 15,099; second-generation Mizrahi men followed with NIS 14,406; then first-generation Mizrahi men who immigrated before 1989, with NIS 12,761; Ashkenazi men who immigrated after 1990, with NIS 12,005; and first-generation Ashkenazi women who immigrated before 1989, with NIS 11,037.
Eliahu is from an Iraqi Jewish family--his father was born in Baghdad--and the Mizrahi experience in Israel informs many of his poems.
It's been 21 years since Unzipped, the intimate documentary that followed then-32-year-old Isaac Mizrahi as he reinvented his line--a reboot that received rave reviews, and drew on sources ranging from The Flintstones to Jackie Kennedy.
It will feature Lawrence University Conservatory piano department members Catherine Kautsky, Michael Mizrahi and Anthony Padilla, and is intended for pianists and piano teachers.
* Xcel Brands and True Cosmetics signed a licensing deal for TRUE Isaac Mizrahi, a line of skincare and cosmetics that went on sales this month on the designer's show on QVC, as well as at other retailers and online at IsaacMizrahi.
A terrorist freed in the Shalit deal in 2011, in which captive Gilad Shalit was released by Hamas in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian-Arab prisoners, was arrested for the murder on Passover eve of Police Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi, a 47-year-old father of five.