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n.1.A bog or quagmire.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Dad Mizzy Duffy, 40, assesses the 20ft drop before landing bum-first in the water.
Place names don't escape: "Kirky" (Kirkdale); "the Mizzy" (Mystery Park); "Prinny" (Princes Park); "the Prom" (Otterspool Promenade); "Scotty" (Scotland Road); "Sevvy" (Sefton Park); "Skem" (Skelmersdale) and "Tocky" (Toxteth).
JAMES CARR: Very limited on any sort of change being a listed building and expensive to maintain in the traditional method rules and regulations would be strict as this is our heritage and needs keeping MARIE IBBOTSON: Yes plz I would absolutely love it CERI GILLESPIE: Yes please ANDREW BAGGOTT: Absolutely RE TEACHERS IN GWYNEDD FACE SACK IF THEY BUNK OFF TO WATCH WALES PLAY IN THE EUROS MIZZY OLIVER: Got to agree that it should be put on in the schools.
- Mizzy Zdroj, arguing the effects of the devastating 2011 wildfires must be considered when looking at Bastrop residents' reaction to the planned Jade Helm 15 military exercise
4) with a pressure-indicator paste (Mizzy Inc, Cherry Hill, N.J.) and disclosing wax.
Written and arranged by Hollywood composer Vic Mizzy (1916 - 2009), who sang the quirky lyrics and played harpsichord while finger-snaps were used as percussion, the song has been licensed for other television shows, used in merchandise, commercials and at U.S.
Laron collaborated with composers including Stephen Schwartz (Godspell), Charles Strouse (All in the Family), Joe Raposo (Sesame Street), Ron Dante (Sugar Sugar) and Vie Mizzy (Green Acres, The Addams Family).
The gargantuan group includes hefty hound Mizzy, the Bullmastiff, and flabby feline, Ulric - the two biggest-ever finalists in the competition which has been running for almost 10 years.
Legendre, who lives with her husband Keith, 47, and 18-year-oldr daughter Mizzy, y also delights in making the ordinary look extraordinary, y which is demonstrated everywhere in her home.
Philip Ogilvie, Cardonald A It was written by Vic Mizzy and Mann Curtis for the 1953 movie Easy To Love when it was performed by Tony Martin.
Nicknamed Mizzy ("The Mistake"), Ethan has a mesmerizing beauty and charm that are rivaled only by his thorough lack of responsibility.