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Noun1.Mnium - mosses similar to those of genus Bryum but largerMnium - mosses similar to those of genus Bryum but larger
moss genus - a genus of mosses
family Mniaceae, Mniaceae - family of erect mosses with club-shaped paraphyses and the hexagonal cells of the upper leaf surface; sometimes treated as a subfamily of Bryaceae
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Akata, "Antimicrobial screening of Mnium stellare," Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology, vol.
Jordi Snchez, the president of the Catalan national assembly (ANC), and Jordi Cuixart, the president of the Catalan association mnium Cultural, are accused of using huge demonstrations to try to prevent Spanish police officers from following a judges orders to halt the referendum.
1989), Atrichum angustatum (Zehr 1979), Mnium hornum (Greene 1967), Pleu rozium schreberi (Longton and Greene 1969), Dicranoloma billarderii, D.
The most abundant genera to date are Entodon, Mnium, Thuidium and Bryum.
Sc1 comprises the three Mnium species and four Plagiomnium species; Sc2 contains the two Trachycystis species (Figure 2).
Furthermore we confirm some old reports (Polytrichum commune for Macedonia, and Leskea polycarpa, Mnium thomsonii, Palustriella decipiens and Syntrichia norvegica for Albania), whose previous records were based on collections published before 1962 (Ros & al., 2013).
Following the nomenclature of Crum (2004), they are: Aulacomnium palustre, Brachythecium rivulare, Bryhnia novae-angliae, Callicladium haldanianum, Climacium americanum, Isopterygium pulchellum, Mnium punctatum, Sphagnum spp., and Thuidium delicatulum (William McKnight, personal communication).
Schultz--rare Orchis morio (Rastinenai near Vilnius)--Orchis morio L.--included in the RDBL Orchis maculata (banks of the Sventoji river)--Dactylorhiza maculata (L.) Soo--included in the RDBL Carex stenophyla (Kaunas)--Carex stenophylla Wahlenb--rare Carex divulsa (Mazuriskes near Vilnius)--Carex divulsa Stokes--rare Carex muricata (Kaunas)--Carex muricata L.--included in the RDBL Carex retroflexa (Kernave)--Carex loliacea L.--rare Hypnum recognitum (Mazuriskes near Maisiagala)--Thuidium recognitum (Hedw.) Lindb.--rare Mnium crudum (Jonava)--Pohlia cruda (Hedw.) Lindb.--included in the RDBL Gymnostomum microstomum (near Kaunas)--Hymenostomum microstomum (Hedw.) R.
and Hylocomium splendens (Hedw.) B.,S.&G., dominated the sparse bottom layer, and Mnium spp.
Common moss genera included Bryum, Distichium, Ditrichum, Encalypta, Mnium, and Myurella (moss nomenclature follows Vitt, 1975).