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a. & adv.1.Much.
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Layamon wrote his Brut more than a hundred years after the coming of the Normans, and although his poem is in the main alliterative, sometimes he has rhyming lines such as "mochel dal heo iwesten: mid harmen pen mesten," that is:--
Rudolf Mochel has given much of his personal and professional time to the tea industry.
Mochel of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign discovered that sound waves passing through a frigid helium film behave differently than they do in either the normal liquid or superfluid.
Pat Mochel, Coordinator of Business School Placement Services at the University of Hartford, concurs.
Other members of the successful team were Oscar Brown, Rida Haq, Miller Waters, Alfie Molloy, Elizabeth Palfrey, Niamh Muddimer, Willem Muddimer, Francesca Palfrey, Hattie Smith, James Lake, Holly Coulson, Sophie Mochel and Abbie Ruddle.
If you get turned on to great Alsace Gewurz, I urge to you to invest in a bottle of edeederic Mochel's Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergbieten 2009 (PS22 from the Wine Society).
Ers dau ddiwrnod, roeddem yn cysgodi mewn caffis yn mochel rhag y glaw.
(1.) Coimbra L, Silva A, Mochel E, Alves M, Ribeiro V, Aragao V et al.
The Killer Angels, adapt: Karen Tarjan from Michael Shaara; dir: Ned Mochel. Thru Apr 18.
In the 12 yrs team events: Willem, Thomas, Leo Mochel and Bhavesh finished first in the freestyle relay with James replacing Thomas in the team to win the Medley event.