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A satirical imitation or burlesque of the heroic manner or style.

mock′-he·ro′ic adj.
mock′-he·ro′i·cal·ly adv.
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(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) (of a literary work, esp a poem) imitating the style of heroic poetry in order to satirize an unheroic subject, as in Pope's The Rape of the Lock
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) burlesque imitation of the heroic style or of a single work in this style
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1. imitating or burlesquing that which is heroic, as in manner, character, or action.
2. satirizing the heroic style of literature: a mock-heroic poem.
3. a literary work written in mock-heroic style.
mock′-hero′ically, adv.
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Noun1.mock-heroic - a satirical imitation of heroic versemock-heroic - a satirical imitation of heroic verse
caricature, impersonation, imitation - a representation of a person that is exaggerated for comic effect
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[ˈmɒkhɪˈrəʊɪk] ADJheroicoburlesco
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Playing off of Adam Mickiewicz's national epic, Pan Tadeusz, the book captured readers' fascination with its historical subject matter, mock epic form, and humor.
This is somewhat of a hard sell to readers who instinctively feel the difference between Austen's sophisticated wit and Byron's significantly more bawdy humor so spectacularly on display in his mock epic.
Gordon is most celebrated for his long, satirical poem "The Tip of the Yud," a mock epic in which he decries the status of women in Jewish culture.
For Machacek, the episode is best understood not in terms of literary genre (as, for example, a miniature mock epic), but rather "rhetorically," as a moral exemplum that offers up models of vice and virtue for the reader (57).
In his mock epic of Belinda's superficiality, he at once honors the charm of frivolous femininity and warns against prolonging it beyond its useful male-besotting term.
(1) While Cervantes never wrote a formal poetics or a conventional epic, he did write a mock epic in which he disperses literary reflections on the poetry of his day, particularly on what may have seemed to him to be the monopoly of degraded poetry in the elitist circles of the Spanish academies, or poets' societies.
an anti-epic," yet I would argue that the genre of mock epic
His mock epic masterpiece, the translation of Juvenal's Sixth Satire (with Messalina the epic heroine).
Even for veteran readers of Rabelais's mock epic, the episodic Quart Livre, completed in 1552, remains the most difficult and intriguing volume in the series.
It came to be seen as a mock epic in prose, and the "grave and serious air" of the author's irony was much admired.
In The MahabharANTa, Lee Breuer adds a new wrinkle, using eastern techniques to perform a mock epic that satirizes both its overt subject (the American system of arts funding) and western ideas, but its literary deficiencies leave it ultimately disappointing.
Barlow wrote the poem, a mock epic singing the virtues of the American dish, cornmeal mush, in France in 1793.