Mock heroic

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burlesquing the heroic; as, a mock heroic poem.

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An interview in the mock heroic style, between the rebel warriors and the British commander-in-chief, was received with immense applause, which came loudest of all from the loyalists of the colony.
The mock heroic epic, Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope was also performed on the stage by the students of 4th semester, undergraduate program.
This mock heroic comment has a double edge: on the one hand it trivializes Belinda's imminent loss of her locks, and on the other it sees female sexuality "nourish'd" by woman as a destructive force for "mankind".
50 Taunton Written by Samuel Butler, Hudibras is a mock heroic narrative poem, produced between 1660 and 1680.
Most Gilbert and Sullivan stuff is mock heroic, taking the mickey out of something heroic, and the Grail and Arthur has that grandeur which is capable of mockery.