v. t.1.To model.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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the defined SVNS show stronge power to modelize imperfect information, such as uncertainty, imprecise, incomplete, and inconsistent information.
Matkar and Kyu [34] modelize the system described by Tanaka and Nishi [11] expressing the total free-energy density of mixing of the crystal-amorphous polymer blend as the weighted sum of the free-energy density pertaining to crystal order parameter [35] of the crystalline constituent with its volume fraction and the free energy of liquid-liquid mixing as described by the Flory-Huggin's theory of mixing but do not include the polydispersity in the analysis.
To modelize the combined ratio, we mainly refer to the insurance capital asset pricing model (CAPM) but also to the capacity constraint theory.
To modelize these findings (or the light and color intensity sensitivities), we introduce an improved Y[C.sub.b][C.sub.r] space which recovers the whole luminance of the scene and remains selective to color sensitivity.
The STUDIO provides a high-level modelization tool, so as UML profiles can do, in order to make users able to modelize any organization.
Subjective logic is a belief reasoning calculus which is an extension of probabilistic logic to modelize uncertainty, incomplete knowledge and different views.
That's why; we have tested the tools of electrical model to modelize the left hand antenna.
The electromagnetic inverse method consists in using NF measurements to modelize the studied system by a network of electric or magnetic dipoles or both of them.
To determine the equations that modelize the mass transfer process requires knowledge of the density, viscosity, and surface tension of the liquid phase [5].
These small elements are thought as elementary objects in a complex network whose interactions at a low level may be pretty difficult to understand and modelize. There is a clear analogy with statistical mechanics, in which physical systems are well described at a macroscopic level, while molecular-level phenomena seem chaotic.
* the continuity condition has been used to modelize the interface between the lining and the duct;