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 (môd′n-ə, mō′dĕ-nä)
A city of northern Italy west-northwest of Bologna. Long an important ecclesiastical center, it is also home to one of Europe's oldest universities (founded 1175).


(Italian ˈmɔːdena)
1. (Placename) a city in N Italy, in Emilia-Romagna: ruled by the Este family (18th–19th century); university (1678). Pop: 175 502 (2001). Ancient name: Mutina
2. (Breeds) (sometimes not capital) a popular variety of domestic fancy pigeon originating in Modena


(ˈmoʊd n ə)

a city in N Italy, NW of Bologna. 176,556.
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Beebe was not able to tell the ladies of his adventure at Modena, where the chambermaid burst in upon him in his bath, exclaiming cheerfully, "Fa niente, sono vecchia.
Contract notice: entrusting the management service, operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems of buildings in use and owned by the university of modena and reggio emilia.
In 2015, Modena Indonesia continued to lead large cooking appliances with a 17% volume share.
Hafwen was a teenage volunteer usher in the marquee when the Chorus Rossini from Modena in Italy performed to win the Male Voice Choir competition in 1955.
Tuttavia il senso dell'operazione calviniana non si esaurisce certo sulla superficie del testo: far emergere la profondita etica oltre la patina estetica e 1'obiettivo del saggio di Letizia Modena Italo Calvino's Architecture of Lightness--The Utopian Imagination in an Age of Urban Crisis.
Emergency workers near the city of Modena were looking for a man who took to a dinghy on a canal amid heavy rain to help some stranded people and fell into the water.
Filmed in 1993 over two nights on tour in Modena, Italy, it features many hits from his first six studio albums and includes extras about the making of the film, interviews and behind the scenes footage.
Or the Modena is a similar table with a marble or granite top for pounds 300.
Or the Modena is a similar table that comes with a marble or granite top for pounds 300.
Summary: DUBAI - Brand Ambassador of Bridgestone, Formula 1 legend Stefano Modena, is giving sports driving classes to enthusiasts as part of Bridgestone's Potenza Driving Lesson programme.