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a.1.Of or pertaining to Modena or its inhabitants.
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The musical establishment of the Modenese court was far too small for such large performing forces, so it could not have been commissioned, but was probably designed as a special present.
Those who don't mind a serving of healthy brown rice and beef, Risotto Alla Modenese is a great choice.
Ariosto sought the protection of the Modenese from the imperial army of which Alfonso was at the head.
1999) reported that leaf litter in beech (Fagus) forests on Roan Mountain, Tennessee, and Modenese Apennine, Italy, had communities of tardigrades that were represented essentially by the same associations of genera and species.
This remark aside, the book is a welcome contribution that enhances out knowledge of the less-studied territory of the seventeenth-century activities of the Modenese Inquisition.
Le somiglianze fra gli apparati scultorei della cattedrale di Modena (terminata probabilmente nel 1106) e della cattedrale di Cremona (iniziata probabilmente nel 1107) hanno fatto pensare a un trasferimento delle maestranze e a una sostanziale continuita fra i due edifici anche se, osserva Zanetti, "non tutti i rapporti modulari che sembrano aver caratterizzato la progettazione della Cattedrale modenese calzano [.
Traditional Modenese cuisine is a must and the Taverna Dei Servi did not disappoint, incorporating the local product into their delicious risotto and meat course.
Biblioteca Modenese o notizie della vita e delle opere degli scrittori natii degli stati del Serenissimo Signor Duca di Modena.
Designed by Pininfarina, the 612 Scaglietti is named in honour of Sergio Scaglietti, the legendary Modenese stylist and coachbuilder responsible for bodying some of the most beautiful Ferraris of the 1950s and 60s.
syntypes: ITALY: unknown number of males and females, regions Trentino, Veneto and Modenese (repository unknown, not examined).
What is Champagne's loss has been the rest of Europe's gain; thus in 1999 the Museo della Ceramica in Fiorano Modenese was host to Le arti del fuoco dei Celti (Kruta Poppi 1999) followed by Splendeurs celtes: armes et bijoux in the Musee du Malgre-Tout at Treignes in Belgium (CEDARC 2001).