Modern Persian

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Mod′ern Per′sian

the Persian language since c900 a.d., written in Arabic script.
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In July modern Persian kitchen Zaytoon also launched its new format restaurant at the centre.
Roudaki composed poems in the modern Persian alphabet and is considered a founder of classical Persian literature.
Thus the Shahnameh has become one of the main pillars of the modern Persian language.
Many modern Iranians see him as the father of the modern Persian language.
He teaches at Tehran University and is a leading literary critic with a deep interest in modern Persian poetry.
In giving the reader examples of orthography and grammatical features and comparing them with modern Persian, the editors demonstrate where their interests lie.
The September 2017 issue of the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine included the article "The Relationship between Brachycephalic Head Features in Modern Persian Cats and Dysmorphologies of the Skull and Internal Hydrocephalus," by Schmidt et al.
(Some analysts say 80 percent of modern Persian is comprised of Arabic-originated words.)
The modern Persian carpets feature a very low 5 mm nap, which reduces the risk of stumbling.
"The Love That Dare Not Be Translated: Erasures of Premodern Sexuality in Modern Persian Mysticism." Rethinking Iranian Nationalism and Modernity.
He initially struggled as a war translator since he had never heard modern Persian spoken until he arrived in Ahwaz, near the Iranian border.
Among the examples he will be bringing over to Durham will be illustrations inspired by late Iranian poet Nima Yushij, who is said to have been the father of modern Persian poetry.