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Noun1.modern times - the circumstances and ideas of the present age; "in modern times like these"
times - a more or less definite period of time now or previously present; "it was a sign of the times"
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to which modern ages have attributed all that irresistible force which the antients imputed to perfect oratory.
Nauman Jameel reiterated his organizations resolve, on this occasion, to furnish its valued subscribers with all possible latest telecom facilities harmonious to the need of the modern age to bring the country in the ranks of the developed nations through due individual and collective share through the use of the most modern means of the telecom means.
In this modern age your customer is busy and has access to technology to make their lives more convenient and efficient.
Mirpur -- AJK minister for higher education Col Retd Waqar Ahmed Noor said that the State government was taking all necessary measures on priority grounds to ensure the delivery of quality higher education harmonious to the need of the modern age. He was addressing certificate distribution ceremony hosted by Kashmir Institute of Management among principals and vice principals on completing 4th professional development course at the State's capital town on Friday.
The minister urged them to double their efforts to meet the challenges of modern age in education.
As a concept phone, the practicality of the smartphone remains to be seen in the modern age of excessive wear and tear.
Matt Hancock said he is "determined to seize the opportunities of the modern age", to make the health service more cost-efficient and help ease staff workload.
In this modern age, only the official Suparco decision on moon sighting based on scientific findings should be followed.
Nations, who make research in this discipline routine part of their life, can compete in this modern age.
She elaborated the future plan of the college to make the offspring acquainted o to the need of the modern age.
In 1968, Modern Age published an unusual essay by Frank Meyer.
Sportshub ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 The transition to the modern age is inevitable as technology will not cease to develop.