Modest Mussorgsky

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Noun1.Modest Mussorgsky - Russian composer of operas and orchestral works (1839-1881)Modest Mussorgsky - Russian composer of operas and orchestral works (1839-1881)
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The dances reflect the diverse cultures of the world, painting choreographic scenes, miniatures and one-act ballets against music of great Russian composers including Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov and Mikhail Glinka, among others.
Further, guests enjoyed spectacular concert with participations of by Azerbaijani pianist, student of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts and Anton Bruckner University in Linz Abuzar Manafzade who masterfully performed the piano cycle "Pictures from an Exhibition" of the outstanding Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky.
A Peter Tchaikovsky B Modest Mussorgsky C Mikhail Glinka D Alexander Borodin
The performance will take audiences through masterful renditions of famous pieces by established composers such as Modest Mussorgsky and Anton Bruckner.
The Pallas theatre will fill with the sounds created by Robert Schumann, Nicolas Economou and Modest Mussorgsky on Friday during a concert by pianist Yiannis Georgiou.
Modest Mussorgsky / Maurice Ravel Pictures at an Exhibition
The portraits of composers in this exhibition have been well chosen, and include Repin's 1881 portraits of the highly professional Anton Rubinstein (better known to some as a pianist) and his antipode Modest Mussorgsky, the latter an outright masterpiece completed in the hospital where the composer would die from alcoholism a few days later (Fig.