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Noun1.Modicon - trade name for an oral contraceptive containing estradiol and norethindroneModicon - trade name for an oral contraceptive containing estradiol and norethindrone
anovulant, anovulatory drug, birth control pill, contraceptive pill, oral contraceptive, oral contraceptive pill, pill - a contraceptive in the form of a pill containing estrogen and progestin to inhibit ovulation and so prevent conception
norethandrolone, norethindrone, norethindrone acetate, Norlutin - a synthetic progestational hormone (trade name Norlutin) used in oral contraceptives and to treat endometriosis
estradiol, oestradiol - the most powerful female hormone that occurs naturally; synthesized and used to treat estrogen deficiency and breast cancer
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M2 PRESSWIRE-September 5, 2019-: Schneider Electric Launched Modicon M262 IIoT-ready Controller For Logic and Motion Applications
Similarly, Mahindra and Mahindra engineers had worked with Exide in Sri Lanka to develop a battery to meet the vehicle's specifications that can also be sold to other models in the country, and identified a local manufacturer of exhausts named Modicon, who has also been enhanced with input from producers in India.
International Resource News-August 13, 2019--Schneider Electric introduces new Modicon M262 IIoT-ready Controller
"Our systems are designed to utilize the most advanced networking technologies available from major control manufacturers such as Rockwell Automation Siemens, Modicon and Mitsubishi," the company stated.
At Hannover Messe, Schneider Electric is launching the new TeSys island Digital Load Management and Modicon M262 Logic & Motion controller, which work seamlessly with EcoStruxure for Machine Builders to give OEMs the unprecedented ability to easily integrate IIoT functionality into new and existing machines:
La estacion de control central es la responsable de coordinar el comportamiento de cada una de las estaciones del CIM, estaba formada por tres Controladores Logicos Programables (PLC) de la familia Modicon Compact 984 ya descontinuados, y dos computadoras para la programacion y monitoreo del sistema (System, 1994).
Schneider Electric combines the strength of Wonderware, the leader in manufacturing software for the food and beverage industry; Pack drive, the specialist in packaging automation; Modicon, the inventor of PLC; a global delivery capacity and a strong partner ecosystem.
By reducing downtime and disruption to the operation, the service provides an easier migration to the supplier's Modicon M580 programmable automation controllers with built-in Ethernet capability and optimal processing power and memory.
Mediante el uso de Modbus (protocolo de comunicaciones desarrollado por Modicon) en el control de un motor y en un control de temperatura, buscan extender el entendimiento de los estudiantes en las comunicaciones digitales.