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They recollected a wagon-train of Oregon settlers that'd been killed by the Modocs four years before.
When they was Indian-fightin' up there with the Modoc Indians, a lot of the miners an' settlers took a hand.
After initial hostilities, the Modocs took refuge in the rugged wilderness of south of Tule Lake.
Far from presenting an unbiased version of events," Cothran argues, "the Gilded Age press imposed cultural concepts of progress and modernity onto racialized representations of the Modocs and in the process turned actual American Indians into ideological, symbolical, and disposable caricatures" (p.
On February 14, 1864, the Modocs contacted Judge Elisha Steele, the man Abraham Lincoln had appointed to head Indian Affairs in Northern California in 1863 and who is credited with giving Kientpoos the name "Captain Jack," in the hopes that he would be able to draft a treaty for them.
He was one of the seventy-one who were employed by the Government to conquer the Modocs in 1873.
2) In any event, on 1 June 1873, Kientpoos and his fellow Modocs were in Army custody.
The writings indicate that the men traveled to the Oregon-Northern California border specifically to witness the execution of the Modocs, "but we don't know what their motive was in doing it," Kepple said.
One hundred years later, the descendants of the Modocs are again on the defensive.
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lt;IR> LIFE AMONGST THE MODOCS </IR> (1873) is a prose work of embellished autobiography.