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Noun1.Mobius - German mathematician responsible for the Mobius strip (1790-1868)Mobius - German mathematician responsible for the Mobius strip (1790-1868)
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Moebius syndrome results from the underdevelopment of the cranial nerves which control lateral eye movement and facial expression.
In the medical literature, a case of MS and a patient with Hanhart syndrome involving Moebius sequence in relation with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which is one of the assisted reproductive techniques, have been reported (4, 5).
Mediante indicadores bibliometricos realizaremos un trabajo de busqueda, analisis y revision de trabajos cientificos publicados basados en el sindrome de Moebius y su correlacion con el sindrome de Poland.
MM-II is an intra-articular biolubricant injection intended to relieve mild-to-moderate pain from osteoarthritis and is based on patent-protected technology licensed by Moebius Medical from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Localization of a gene for Moebius syndrome to chromosome 3q by linkage analysis in a Dutch family.
Mi historia es un ejemplo en la vida cotidiana de la Cinta de Moebius.
Posteriormente, se obtuvo el consentimiento informado de los padres para la publicacion, y se hizo una busqueda en bases de datos medicas, utilizando los terminos Piebaldismo, Moebius, defectos congenitos y misoprostol.
One of the most important things with Moebius, or anything, is that you do not pretend that you know what someone means when you don't have a clue," his mum said.
Before he left I found that he had a copy of the extremely limited edition of the special issue of the Silver Surfer called Parable, which was a collaboration between Stan Lee and Moebius.
Con su cadena de penes mutilados, engranajes edipicos y rosario de penitencias, Moebius (Corea del Sur, 2013) se arriesga a sellar, por siempre, su imagen de agitador.
As made evident by two Bancas Moebius (Tu y yo topologico) (Moebius Benches [You and Me Topologically]), both 2004, pairs of Acapulco chairs joined into benches shaped like Mobius strips, Reyes achieves functional furniture with a mathy twist.
Carla and Ged were among those attending the first-ever conference for Moebius Syndrome, held at Alder Hey Hospital recently.