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 (mō′hĕl, -ĕl, moil)
n. pl. mo·hels also mo·hal·im (-hä-lēm′) or mo·hel·im (-hĕ-lēm′, -ĕ-)
One who performs circumcision on a Jewish male as a religious rite.

[Mishnaic Hebrew môhēl, active participle of māhal, to circumcise, from Aramaic məhal, by-form of Biblical Hebrew māl (perhaps originally "to remove the front"), perhaps from môl, in front; see ʔwl in Semitic roots.]


(ˈmɔɛl; mɔɪl)
(Judaism) Judaism a man qualified to conduct circumcisions
[from Hebrew]
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Over the last year we have taken part in many archaeological projects across the Clwydian Range, and last summer we worked with CRAG digging on the plateau behind Moel Arthur.
This is a follow-on to the group's acquisition of the Moel Moelogan 2 wind farm made on 20 April 2017.
7-MW Moel Moelogan 2 wind farm, sited at the same site, that JLEN announced in April.
Anyone who saw a group of people using torches to go through Priory Woods - which separates Moel Famau View and the streets surrounding the murder scene - is also asked to contact police.
A spokesperson for Snowdonia National Park Authority said: "The recent damage made by the film crew on Moel Eilio showed a serious lack of respect to the site itself and, indeed, the national park as a whole.
Using a system which identifies the source of a mobile phone signal, rescuers from Ogwen and RAF Valley teams reached them on the southern slopes of Moel Siabod.
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Phil Pickersgill, of Environment Agency Wales, said: "Nant y Moel has a history of flooding, but difficulties in forecasting and the speed at which the rivers in this location react has meant it is difficult to predict far enough in advance when flooding was likely to happen.
Donnelly, who also had one of his best-ever results by finishing in fifth place, said: "On the climb up Moel Eilio, Nick was blowing very hard and the two Robs just kept looking at him not knowing who he was and expecting him to blow at any time.
By restructuring forestry plantations and replenishing the heathland--those sheep, once again, proving to be a worthy opponent of invasive scrub--the annual springtime lek, when males get together in groups to display to females, is an increasingly frequent sight, particularly around Moel Famau.
The Mend Our Mountains appeal said: "On Mynydd Moel, a large patch of unstable scree has opened up with serious consequences for safety and navigation.