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v. t. & i.1.To move.
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In 1980 he moeves to a bedsit in Cardiff before moving to London a year later.
Moeves Plumbing Inc., based in Fairfield, OH, has closed its doors nearly five years after an on-the-job worker fatality brought the company to national attention.
Owner Linda Moeves, took over the operation of Moeves Plumbing after the death of her husband in 1987.
Moeves Plumbing gained notoriety in 2002 after a trench collapse at a housing development in Miamisburg killed Patrick Waiters, a 22-year-old plumbing apprentice.
According to a 2003 New York Times expose of Moeves' safety record and OSHA's mishandling of it, for which the paper won a Pulitzer Prize, Waiters was "buried alive under a rush of collapsing muck and mud" as the pressure of thousands of pounds of dirt made it impossible to breathe.
In 1989, Moeves experienced a similar incident with its first trench cave-in fatality, after already receiving three prior warning from OSHA about trench safety.
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