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n.1.A thin silk stuff made in Caucasia.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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10.30: S Wallace (Moff ); J Hyslop (Moff ); I Johnstone (Moff ); J Little (Moff ).
Cumberbatch and Smith affectionately mocked the Scottish writer on stage, admitting they like to call him "The Moff" or "The Moffinator".
For whatever reason it is socially acceptable to have negative attitudes toward overweight and obese people in our society" Joanne Moff writes in this guide to life after bariatric surgery.
Affectionately known as "Moff'" by his Army pals, and nicknamed "The Lung" in testament to his immense physical fitness, Nigel had completed two tours of duty in Iraq and was on his second tour of Afghanistan.
1 James Earl Ray, 2 Grand Moff Tarkin, 3 Edinburgh, 4 1985, 5 Pacific Ocean, 6 Arthur Ashe, 7 Sahara, 8 Zola Budd, 9 Poland, 10 1966.
You can just see Moff sitting back and thinking, 'Let's see how you deal with this one, son'.
He waited until the last before sending Talking Cents to the front and he had few problems in keeping Ross Moff at bay.
The Irish were victorious in last weekend's Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup at Newbury with 33-1 outsider Be My Royal - and another successful raid from the Emerald Isle is on the cards with Tony Martin's Ross Moff.
Ross Moff, installed 7-1 second favourite behind Martin Pipe's 3-1 shot Horus, is set to carry a feather weight in the big chase.
Jip John Simm Lulu Lorraine Pilkington Koop Shaun Parkes Moff Danny Dyer Nina Nicola Reynolds Lee Dean Davies Well cast, engagingly played and directed with a stylistic pedal to the metal, "Human Traffic" is a lot of energy adding up to very little.
"Danny is on fire for the sequel and we're talking all the time now - he can't wait to play Moff again and I can't wait to show the world what he is capable of.
The actor, who died in 1994, is best known for playing Grand Moff Tarkin in the ground-breaking 1977 film but also starred in numerous fantasy and horror films, including 23 Hammer Film Productions.