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(ˌmɒɡəˈdɔː; French mɔɡadɔr)
(Placename) the former name (until 1956) of Essaouira


(ˌɛs əˈwɪər ə)

a seaport in W Morocco. 30,061. Formerly, Mogador.
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Maniera and his lady, the jewelers in the Rue Mogador, were sitting in the front of the box, with their great friend, M.
At Mogador, they stayed and sent a boat ashore for water, and were nearly captured by an Arab ruse.
EC la ville de Mogador, Essaouira, une pluie d'artistes et de musiciens ont fait bouger les remparts de la cite des Alizes du 20 au 23 juin dans le cadre du Festival Gnaoua et musiques du monde.
(3) investigated the clinical spectrum and prognosis of adult patients with MOG antibodies in their article entitled, 'Clinical spectrum and prognostic value of CNS: MOG autoimmunity in adolescents (MOGADOR)', which was published in Neurology.
The chain is also keeping its flagship pub, The Sportsman in Mogador, as well as The Royal Oak in Holmbury St Mary, which has a micro-brewery producing Felday Legacy bitter.
Dentro del relato y la novela algunas de sus obras son Los demonios de la lengua (1987) y La huella del grito (2001), y el Quinteto de Mogador, integrada por las narraciones: En los labios del agua, Los jardines secretos de Mogador, Nueve veces el asombro y La mano el fuego.
I can only eat at Mogador and Veselka so many times, but I do enjoy it a lot when I go.
Aunque ya se encuentra en su haber la plaquette Decir es desear (Alfaguara, 2011) la cual contiene poemas, estos fueron extraidos como parte de la publicacion en un solo volumen del Quinteto de Mogador.
| MOROCCO: On The Beach (; 871 474 3000) offers seven nights at the four-star Mogador Al Madina Hotel (half board) in Agadir from PS330pp (two sharing).
NHS hotel services manager Paul Fell, 54, who plays off a handicap of seven at Carden Park in Cheshire, finished third in the singles final at the fivestar Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa Hotel, in the grand final of a competition whose qualifying rounds stretched back to last summer.
But we use the same recipes and the same products in France, Japan, Korea, Qatar- We have four permanent flavours: salted caramel, chocolate, rose and Mogador (milk chocolate and passionfruit), and they are the best sellers everywhere.
The most admired flavours of the evening were the macaron "Infiniment Citron Caviar", macaron "Truffe Blanche et Noisette", and macaron "Marron Glace", three of the chef's signature flavours from the end of year collection as well as some of the iconic flavours of Pierre Herme like Ispahan, Mogador, and Satine.