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 (mŏg′ə-lĕf′, mə-gĭ-lyôf′)


(Russian məɡiˈljɔf) or


(Placename) an industrial city in E Belarus on the Dnieper River: passed to Russia in 1772 after Polish rule. Pop: 353 000 (2005 est)


(ˈmoʊ gɪˌlɛf, -ˌlɔf, -ˌlɒf)

a city in E Belorussia, on the Dnieper. 359,000.
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6 according to the general plan in the residential area within the boundaries: krupskaya, stasova, grishina, kaluzhskaya with the improvement of the adjacent territory in the city of mogilev
Request for quotations : at the choice of the general contracting organization to perform work at the construction site: reconstruction of the overpass through the railway on pervomaiskaya street in mogilev. preparation period
choosing a supplier of ceiling consoles and ward modules (according to the subject of the order for tender documentation) for the object: reconstruction of the maternity hospital uz mogilev city emergency hospital on botkin street, 2 in mogilev 14 sets, 427 000 byn
Contract are awarded for Selection of a contractor to carry out work on the facility: replacing a passenger elevator in the hostel of an educational institution mogilev state college of music named after n.
Request for quotations : current repair of heat chambers and fixed supports of heat networks of the mogilev heat networks branch of rue mogilevenergo
Request for quotations : procurement of procurement of services: calculation of the cost of work on the object: construction of the building of a foundry of ojsc mogilev plant strommashina, ul.
Request for quotations : Selection of the general contractor organization for the development of design estimates for the project: "Dwelling house number 20 on the general plan in settlement-planning education 8 residential area" Kazimirovka "with the landscaping of the adjacent territory in Mogilev."
Request for quotations: Overhaul of the administrative and service building of the Military Commissariat of the Mogilev region on the street Krupskaya, 99 in Mogilev with the landscaping of the adjacent territory
Request for quotations : selection of the general contracting organization for the construction of the facility reconstruction of the power supply system in the training center on komissariatsky lane 5a in mogilev
Request for quotations : design and survey work on the facilities: lot 1 replacement of passenger elevators in the entrances of the building 1,2,3 of the apartment building on avtomobilnaya street, 8 in mogilev lot 2 replacement of passenger elevators in the entrances of the building no.