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 (mō′hăch′, -häch′)
A city of southern Hungary on the Danube River near the Croatian and Serbian borders. It was the site of a Turkish victory (1526) that led to a long period of Ottoman rule in Hungary, lasting until the Ottomans were decisively defeated by a Habsburg army in another battle near the site of the first one (1687).
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Again, when, after the battle of Mohacs, we threw off the Hungarian yoke, we of the Dracula blood were amongst their leaders, for our spirit would not brook that we were not free.
From Nicopolis to Mohacs: A History of Ottoman-Hungarian Warfare, 1389-1526
Join the four-star MS Serenity on July 30 for a 15-night itinerary with visits to Munich, Passau, Vienna, Kalosca, Belgrade, Ruse, Novi Sad, Mohacs, Budapest, Bratislava, Melk and Cologne.
Bratislava, then Pressburg or Pozsony, became a coronation town after the Ottoman troops defeated the Hungarian army at Mohacs in 1526 and pushed deeper into the territory of the Hungarian Kingdom, where they conquered the original coronation town of Szeacutekesfeheacutervaacuter.St Martins Dome held a total of 18 coronations from 1563 to 1830.
In Transylvania, Catholicism in the 16th century was in decline after Hungary's defeat in the war against the Ottoman Empire (Mohacs, 1526), and especially due to the religious Reformation that led to the transfer to the Calvinism of a large part of the
Mehel made his outfit after researching Ottoman fashions, and the one he wore at the Conquest Cup is made with a late-15th- and early-16th-century pattern based on the caftans used at the Battle of Mohacs in Hungary.
This highest common factor, so characteristic of their shared feeling of friendship, is symbolised by the last scene of the SF, where on the board of the ship which takes them to Mohacs (this place name is itself the symbol of the greatest military loss in Hungarian history, resulting in 150 years of Turkish rule) they smoke BB's the last cigarette together, like a group of Indians would smoke their peace-pipe.
1526: Ottoman forces under Suleiman the Magnificent won a crushing victory at the Battle of Mohacs over the Kingdom of Hungary, which was dismembered as a result.
sweet mother of mine, another goal, another Mohacs. Profession-wise, I'm Karady, in Jose's face so Karady says pertly, but upon uttering her name she sees with all too seeing eyes: her name falls from her mouth into the dust with a dull plop, right in front of the toes of Jose's well-polished boots (senhor oficial, my officer, Sir!
The French-ltalian wars continued after Savonarola's death, Turks attacked Venice, defeated Flungary at Mohacs, etc., and the whole subsequent history of Europe with numerous wars and revolutions culminated in the monstrous 20th century wars and atrocities.
In Chapter 2, the author claims European perceptions of the Islamic Turks changed with direct exposure to the Ottoman armies, the associated atrocities of war, and the imminent threat posed to the German territories and Christianity following the Hungarian defeat at Mohacs (1526) and the siege of Vienna (1529).
In a short period, the Turkish manage to create a huge space for themselves: from Buda to Baghdad, from Nil river to Crimea, a space in which dangers (religious, political, national) were mixed; thus, Europe, which was in danger, becomes a "comunitas christiana" whose gates were falling one by one: the defeats of Christians at Kosovo (1389) and at Nicopole (1396), the conquest of Constantinople (1453), the disaster suffered by Hungarians at Mohacs (1526).