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THE following day our travellers were on the road before the sun, and busily pursued their route through the delightful valley of the Mohawk. It was now that Julia, in some measure accustomed to her proximity to her hero, began to enjoy the beauties of the scenery; her eye dwelt with rapture on each opening glimpse that they caught of the river, and took in its gaze meadows of never-failing verdure, which were beautifully interspersed with elms that seemed coeval with the country itself.
On the north side of the Mohawk, and at about fifty miles from its mouth, is a mountain which, as we have already said, juts, in a nearly perpendicular promontory, into the bed of the river; its inclination is sufficient to admit of its receiving the name of a nose.
Anthony's Nose = this incident probably occurred at a place on the Mohawk River called today The Noses, between Fonda and Palatine Bridge; there is another St.
Like West, he could see the Apollo in the young Mohawk."
One brigade ascended the Mohawk until it reached the point nearest to the sources of the Susquehanna, whence it cut a lane through the forest to the head of the Otsego.
One was the barge which he had brought from Mackinaw; another was of a larger size, such as was formerly used in navigating the Mohawk River, and known by the generic name of the Schenectady barge; the other was a large keel boat, at that time the grand conveyance on the Mississippi.
It was not above sixty or seventy years, you observed, since the whole north of Scotland was under a state of government nearly as simple and as patriarchal as those of our good allies the Mohawks and Iroquois.
He is said to be a Canadian too; and yet he served with our friends the Mohawks, who, as you know, are one of the six allied nations.
Although competition remains intense in the flooring industry and the demand outlook continues to deteriorate, the pullback in Mohawk Industries, Inc's (NYSE:MHK) shares since July have rendered the stock valuation below historical averages, according to Wells Fargo.
Study Will Develop New Strategies to Mitigate Future Floods and Ice Jams on the Mohawk River DEC Releases Draft "Whole River" Five-Year Action Agenda to Improve Water Quality and Resiliency of Mohawk River Watershed and Progress Report on Completed Initiatives Lessons Learned from Studying Mohawk River Will Be Applied to Waterways Across the State
MARCOLA - The Marcola School District was home to the Mohawk Indians for nearly a century before the school board voted to do away with its longtime controversial mascot.
23 June 2015 - Canadian real estate investment trust Mohawk Medical Properties REIT, has acquired a medical office building in Brantford, Ontario, the company said.