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 (mō′hĕl, -ĕl, moil)
n. pl. mo·hels also mo·hal·im (-hä-lēm′) or mo·hel·im (-hĕ-lēm′, -ĕ-)
One who performs circumcision on a Jewish male as a religious rite.

[Mishnaic Hebrew môhēl, active participle of māhal, to circumcise, from Aramaic məhal, by-form of Biblical Hebrew māl (perhaps originally "to remove the front"), perhaps from môl, in front; see ʔwl in Semitic roots.]


(ˈmɔɛl; mɔɪl)
(Judaism) Judaism a man qualified to conduct circumcisions
[from Hebrew]
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A number of the men immediately said if they had found out that they were gentilessay, they discovered they had been adopted as infantsthey would run, run to the nearest mohel and convene a rabbinical tribunal at the mikveh and immediately convert.
New York, NY, December 21, 2013 --( For over 27 years, Rabbi Nechemia Markovits M.B Certified Mohel, a fifth generation Mohel, has been practicing in NY, NJ, PA, CT, and beyond.
He has disclosed that the production of coal at the project s other captive coal mines of the 20 mpta Mohel and Moher Amlori extension has already been started.
During the ritual, called Metzitzah b'Peh, a Mohel removes the foreskin and uses his mouth to stop the bleeding.
He who was born on the mazal of Mars will shed blood--either a surgeon, or a murderer, or a butcher, or a mohel. (Taimud Shabbat 156a)
No record of his Jewish name has, however, been traced, but, interestingly, one source of the surname Mahler is mohel. The family moved to Iglau, a nearby market town a few months later, where Bernhard set up a vinegar factory and also a bakery.
Pig castrators in the Pyrenees adopted the uniform of the Jewish mohel (circumciser) (Allen 2002).
Where is my mother who would sing me a lullaby, full of sadness and pity for me, for a lost soul cast out of life, without hope, without a name, without offspring?" (27) In "Ransom," a hapless character named Mercado finds himself in grave trouble: trying to be a mohel [circumciser], he accidentally does damage to the infant he circumcises.
The Sandek is a Godfather but there is also a Kvater (Gott-vater) who brings the to-be-circumcised infant to the mohel, circumcisor.
But for Jews, it is a sacred ritual to circumcise boys on the 8th day after birth, which is often done by a mohel. Circumcision is not so easy later.
Yaacov (Yasha) Gaissinovitch, a successful local mohel, the man who can get hold of any piece of information, often in ways he cannot elaborate on; and his partner in the crazy journey between elderly women in villages and moldy archives -- Gene Blotsky, a local Jewish lawyer.
As the act states, "The purpose is to ensure that the ritual circumcision of boys is conducted in a safe manner, and to ensure that the possibility of ritual circumcision is available." To preserve this commitment to both religious liberty and public safety, the law requires that the circumcision be performed by a physician, or in the presence of one–a nuance which is particularly important for Jews, as it allows a mohel to perform the procedure.