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n.1.(Zool.) A West African gazelle (Gazella mohr), having horns on which are eleven or twelve very prominent rings. It is one of the species which produce bezoar.
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According to per year performance by MoHR, the Family Protection and Rehabilitation Center, Islamabad had carried out many awareness campaigns regarding elimination of Gender Based Violence (GBV) during sixteen days of activism starting from November 24 till December 10, 2018.
Rodrigo Godoi and Kyle Campbell handled the transaction on behalf of Mohr Capital.
Mohr said each record is carefully selected based on its ability to reveal something new about the area.
Mohr in May 2018 lifted the stay on the disciplinary case after the sentencing.
In a passage that formally arrives after the phenomenological argument has ended, but which rounds out its themes, Mohr indicates that there are, in sex, minimally, the pleasures it immediately yields, which "only fanatics could deny" are their "own [value-laden] bottom." (345) And somewhere on their other side, there is sex's potential to be nothing less than "one of life's boundary experiences[:]" (346)
Brought up in Frankfurt to a German father and Scottish mother, Mohr, then 16, fired off a message to the Scottish Handball Association making them aware of his credentials.
The puns and proclamations are not all negative, however; they register everything from apprehension at the prospect of the human's eclipse to neo-Dada salvos welcoming the perceived de-skilling entailed in Mohr's work.
I wonder why Mrs Mohr imagines that Jesus would want to heal gays?
What I like most about Ellen Mohr's book is its unapologetically positive energy about community college writing centers and the students they serve.
Principal engineer Charles Mohr said, "Engineering expertise may not always be where you need it.
"It just came out of left field," Miller's sister, Kate Nalipinski, told Mohr. "Ben was so happy-go-lucky that something like this was so out of character for him."
in Mohr 2), Mohr argues that the utopian impulse lives on "in a number of contemporary [works of] feminist utopian/dystopian literature" (3).