n.1.The first month of the Mohammedan year.
2.A festival of the Shiah sect of the Mohammedans held during the first ten days of the month Mohurrum.
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Every year in Gwalior the Hindu maharaja rode at the head of the tazia procession which marked the end of the Muslim festival of Mohurrum. The Jaipur government patronized Mohurrum as well as the tomb of the Sufi saint Mu'in al-din Chishti at Ajmer.
Indeed, anecdotal evidence suggests that at the village level Muslims in Alwar and Bharatpur had `always lived amicably with Hindus'.(49) But this peaceful co-existence (if that is what it was) came to an abrupt end during the Mohurrum celebrations in Alwar City in May 1932, when a Muslim procession led by the Anjuman-i-Khadim-ul-Islam collided with a crowd of Saivite Hindu Chamars inaugurating a new caste-temple.
During Mohurrum 1937, Muslims in several towns refused to accept police and Hindu assurances over the passage of tazias, while in Behror the Muslims insisted on routing their procession past a long-disused mosque which had recently been converted, with the permission of the authorities, into a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Bhaironji.