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the destiny or predestination of a person


(ˈmɔɪ rə)

n., pl. -rai (-rī).
1. (often l.c.) (among the ancient Greeks) a person's fate or destiny.
a. the goddess of fate among the ancient Greeks.
b. Moirai, the Fates.
References in classic literature ?
Jos's friends were all from the three presidencies, and his new house was in the comfortable Anglo-Indian district of which Moira Place is the centre.
Wendy Moira Angela Darling," she replied with some satisfaction.
In March, 2017, she joined a local WeightWatchers group where she received tips on how to shed pounds Moira has lost 45.
Moira was the last passenger on a bus being driven by convicted child rapist Alexander Gartshore, 36, on a freezing day in blizzard conditions in 1957.
Moira went on to get a job as a graduate buyer at Cardiff's David Morgan's after her studies and from there went on to work as a fashion buyer at fondlyremembered department store Marments on Queen Street.
Ruth, 69, explained that retail guru Moira went to Oxford when she was just 18 which was a big achievement at the time.
When the Barton bloke gives her a ride in his cab, Moira confides that she feels emotional about everyone at leaving her.
The consideration includes issuing Moira shareholders a 10% stake in Dondonald and a past cost payment of PGK 124,060 (Approx.
Moira, 65, from Silverknowes, Edinburgh, said: "The first call was from a lady who said she was calling from the Telephone Preference Club.
Pete's happy when Moira suggests they have a beer together
CONFLICT: Moira and Charity The atmosphere is already tense to say the least between Cain's present and ex wives, and when Charity throws a Christmas work party at the farm that gets out of hand, Moira is positively fuming and tells her nemesis she wants her gone for good.