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n. pl. mo·ji·tos
A cocktail made of rum, sugar, lime juice, crushed mint leaves, soda water, and shaved ice.

[Cuban Spanish, from diminutive of Spanish mojo, sauce, from mojar, to moisten, to dip, from Vulgar Latin *molliāre, to soften by wetting; see moil.]


n, pl -tos
a cocktail consisting of rum, sugar, lime, mint, and soda water
[C20: Spanish, diminutive of mojo wet]
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ROSE MOJITO (SERVES 6-8) Mojitos are a ton of fun to drink and not hard to make.
Rose Mojito MOJITOS are a ton of fun to drink and not as hard to make as you might think.
green day Mojitos are the perfect cocktail for summer
M&S Food station branches sell cans of mojitos and vodka-based cocktails with up to 8 per cent ABV, higher than White Lightning cider.
| | IF YOU'RE planning to quench the thirst of several friends, Morrisons Caribbean White Rum, left, (PS15, 1 litre, Morrisons), a Trinidadian rum that will work in a pina colada or a mojito. Remember you'll need loads of ice to build the drinks and rub mint leaves around the rim of the glasses for mojitos.
Choose from drinks like virgin mojitos, dirty milkshakes and that old reliable, sago't gulaman.
Maybe not a book to pair with mojitos, but I can put the drink down for this one.
For decades bartenders have deftly delivered mixed drinks as discerning customers flock in droves to the establishments that offer the best margaritas, mojitos and martinis.
Bartenders from across the region took part in the competition where they were judged on speed, quality and pouring techniques while lucky customers enjoyed copious amounts of Mojitos, sponsored by Santa Teresa Claro Rum.
If the planning is right, women can drink many, many Mojitos on Monday (through Tuesday and Wednesday), and if they are still thirsty on Thursday, they can have as many caipiroskas.
The most touching moment came as the outspoken chef tried to transform New York Cuban restaurant Mojitos into a money spinner while its estranged married owners spent more energy arguing than on running a successful business.