power cable

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Noun1.power cable - cable used to distribute electricitypower cable - cable used to distribute electricity
transmission line, cable, line - a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
power grid, power system, grid - a system of high tension cables by which electrical power is distributed throughout a region
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Looking at my board (FIGURE 1), "A" shows the spot for the three-pin Molex connector.
It is furnished with a 20 pigtail wired directly to a Molex connector.
The Ethernet portion of the board is NE2000 and NE2000-Plus compatible and includes in the standard version a four-pin, low-profile Molex connector for 10BaseT connectivity.
The demonstration will feature an integrated test board, a Molex connector, a Texas Instruments chip, LeCroy test equipment and cutting edge product extensions of the NeoScale design.
Assemblies featuring rigid flex circuitry can be press-fit, wave soldered or surface mounted and utilize virtually the entire Molex connector portfolio, including Impact , NeoScale , SlimStack and many others.
Molex connector and industry experts offer commentary on issues and challenges relevant to today's design engineers, and that audience will now include the electronic design community in Greater China.
The Molex Connector Technology Overview App gives tablet, smartphone and other mobile device users ready access to information on over 90 different Molex product families, enabling them to quickly identify Molex connector product families that meet their design needs.