Tirso de Molina

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Tir·so de Mo·li·na

 (tîr′sō dā mə-lē′nə, thĕ mō-lē′nä) Pen name of Gabriel Téllez. 1584?-1648.
Spanish playwright whose popular works include The Seducer of Seville (1630), which introduced the character Don Juan.

Tirso de Molina

(Spanish ˈtirso ðe moˈlina)
(Biography) See de Molina

Tir•so de Mo•li•na

(ˈtɪər soʊ deɪ məˈli nə)
(Gabriel Téllez) 1571?–1648, Spanish playwright.
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Noun1.Tirso de Molina - Spanish dramatist who wrote the first dramatic treatment of the legend of Don Juan (1571-1648)
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