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tr.v. mol·li·fied, mol·li·fy·ing, mol·li·fies
1. To calm the anger of; soothe or appease. See Synonyms at pacify.
2. To lessen, as in intensity; assuage: a meeting to mollify concerns about traffic near the new school.
3. Archaic To reduce the rigidity of; soften.

[Middle English mollifien, from Old French mollifier, from Late Latin mollificāre : Latin mollis, soft; see mel- in Indo-European roots + -ficāre, -fy.]

mol′li·fi′a·ble adj.
mol′li·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
mol′li·fi′er n.
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Noun1.mollification - a state of being appeased or ameliorated or tempered
peaceableness, peacefulness - a state that is calm and tranquil
2.mollification - the act of appeasing someone or causing someone to be more favorably inclinedmollification - the act of appeasing someone or causing someone to be more favorably inclined; "a wonderful skill in the pacification of crying infants"; "his unsuccessful mollification of the mob"
appeasement, calming - the act of appeasing (as by acceding to the demands of)


(ˈmolifai) verb
to calm, soothe or lessen the anger of.
ˌmollifiˈcation (-fi-) noun
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Two months later, the organization claimed that 98 detainees had filed complaints but that "after compensation and mollification, eventually 51 of them agreed to withdraw their complaints.
I deal real immortality inept adept inferior superior temporality (not related) intersection influential initiation disconnection inconsequential consummation M ajority make break masculinity minority militaristic moderation femininity pacifistic monistic aggravation = my/mine mollification pluralistic thy/thine inflammation N ormality (1) normality (2) ((1) appearance; exceptionality unconventionality (2) behaviour) O ccidental ornamentation outre day-to-day oriental simplification P asse "today" pathos bathos peerage steerage (adj.
Childhood tantrums, for example, were routinely ignored instead of raising alarm or being met with solicitous efforts at mollification (187-88).
The situation took relations between the Soviet and American heads of state to a high and fostered mutual understanding between the two leaders; both states had been willing to grant concessions in favor of the other, perhaps opening a new doorway to the mollification of American-Soviet relations.
The proposed strategy filters the effect of the noise, not on the data as it is done for instance when using the mollification method [29, 38], but on the cost function gradient itself.
Young black folks are now refusing the alteration or the mollification of conformity and are simply demanding justice
Murio, "Numerical identification of diffusivity coefficient and initial condition by discrete mollification," Comput.
Although Shiff does not limit his study to this and similar conflicts, an especially important portion of his narrative is devoted to Silver's calling out the American leadership whose wavering commitment to the State of Israel and mollification of the Arab Middle East he found especially frustrating.
Matt puts his hands over his face in mollification.
Since Collier's work was typically and restrictively received as comic, or as the documentary preservation of Lancashire speech, Wheeler's savvy piggybacking of her dialogues onto his represents another skillfully executed mollification of potential controversy.
At I, 5, 199, Viola ironically says: "Some mollification of your giant, sweet lady.