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(Placename) a seasonal river rising in N South Africa and flowing west and southwest to the Orange river. Length: about 1000 km (600 miles)


(məˈloʊ poʊ)

a river in S Africa, flowing SW along the S Botswana-N South Africa border to the Orange River. ab. 600 mi. (965 km) long.
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Release date- 28082019 - Power Metal Resources plc (LON: POW) the AIM listed African focused metals exploration and development company is pleased to outline the initial findings from an interpretation of the ground geophysics undertaken by Kalahari Key Mineral Exploration Pty Ltd ('Kalahari Key' or 'KKME') at the Molopo Farms Complex project in Botswana ('MFC' or the 'Project').
Current projects include the Molopo polymetallic site in Botswana and the Haneti nickel-lithium project in Tanzania, as well as Cobalt Blue in Cameroon, Lizetta II in Ivory Coast, and Kisinka in the DRC.
Paul Johnson, executive director of Power Metal Resources PLC, (LON:POW), says its Molopo Farms project in Botswana is a top priority.
Power Metal Resources PLC (LON:POW) says ground geophysics work is close to completion at the Molopo Farms nickel-copper complex in Botswana.
It dawns on me that we are driving in between the fences of the Botswana and South Africa border on a road that runs through the dry Molopo River.
* Molopo Nature Reserve - The following development required within the nature reserve:
As part of the larger Bataung ba Molete, the Mofolos and their predecessors had probably been moving over the previous two centuries, like so many other groups of Bataung, a major branch of the Sotho-Tswana, in a general south-easterly direction from the Molopo River down through Bolibeng ba Likubu (the Kroonstad area) into what is now the north-central Free State.
Water samples were collected from five sampling points around Mafikeng, namely, both raw and treated (drinking) water from a karstic groundwater source, the Molopo Eye, both raw water and treated (drinking) water from the Modimola dam, and finally mixed water, treated water from both sources mixed in the Signal hill reservoir and distributed to some areas in the city.
[4,8] Although the Northern Cape and North West provinces are classified as non-endemic, malaria transmission occurs occasionally in areas adjacent to the Molopo and Orange rivers.
Meridian processes and sells gas that is supplied from the Mungi field owned by Molopo on an as available basis.
SOUTH AFRICA: 1[female] 'S Africa: NW Province / Molopo Game Reserve / Phiri Camp area / 25[degrees]46'43"S:22[degrees]55'53"E / 990m 14.iii.2003 J Londt / AcaciaErogrostis savanna' (NMSA); 1[male] 3$ 'S Africa: NW Province / Vorstershoop (outskirts) / 25[degrees]50'08"S:23[degrees]01'28"E / 990m 15.iii.2003 J Londt / Erogrostis Schmidtia verge' (NMSA); 1[female] 'S Africa: NW Province / Molopo Game Reserve / Motapi Camp area / 25[degrees]50'55"S:22[degrees]55'45"E / 1020m 14.iii.2003 J Londt / Dry Acacia savanna' (NMSA); 1[male] 'Sth Africa Cape Prov / 15km SE.