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Noun1.Molossidae - mastiff batsMolossidae - mastiff bats; freetail bats    
mammal family - a family of mammals
Microchiroptera, suborder Microchiroptera - most of the bats in the world; all bats except fruit bats insectivorous bats
genus Tadarida, Tadarida - freetail bats
Eumops, genus Eumops - mastiff bats
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Por otro lado, estudios de dieta a un nivel molecular obtienen identificaciones mas especificas; se documentan que familias como Vespertilionidae, Molossidae y Mormoopidae tendrian preferencias por los ordenes Lepidoptera y Diptera (Bohmann et al.
Echolocation and body size in insectivorous bats: the case of the giant naked bat Cheiromeles torquatus (Molossidae).
The most recent Ebola virus to be identified is named Bombali virus (BOMV) and was reported in August 2018 in mouth and fecal swabs collected from free-tailed insectivorous bat species (family Molossidae) Mops condylurus and Chaerephon pumilus in Sierra Leone (2).
Vespertilionidae family is believed to be originated from Molossidae in early Eocene epoch.
(2015) Predation of bat (Molossus molossus: Molossidae) by the centipede Scolopendra viridicornis (Scolopendridae) in southern Amazonia.
The mating system of Tadarida brasiliensis (Chiroptera: Molossidae) in a large highway bridge colony.
A familia Phyllostomidae foi a mais representativa com 170 individuos capturados (82.9% da abundancia total), seguida por Vespertilionidae (6.34%; N = 13), Molossidae (4.88%; N = 10), Mormoopidae (2.93%; N = 6), Natalidae (1.46%; N = 3), Emballonuridae (0.98%; N = 2) e Noctilionidae (0.49%; N = 1).
Geographic distribution of Molossops neglectus Williams and Genoways (Chiroptera: Molossidae).
Isolamento do virus rabico em molossus ater (Chiroptera: Molossidae) no Estado de Sao paulp.
Then they offer detailed accounts of the family Emballonurdiae (sac-winged bats), family Phyllostomidae (leaf-nosed bats), family Mormoopidae (mustached bats), family Noctilionidae (bulldog bats), family Molossidae (free-tailed bats), and family Vespertillionidae (common bats).
In fact most species of Pteropodidae, Emballonuridae, Molossidae, Mormoopidae, Noctilionidae and Phylostomidae do not depart from the general mammalian model (Eisenberg & Redford 1999).
El esfuerzo total durante las 24 noches de muestreo fue de 8640 horas-red, siendo capturados 655 individuos, los cuales corresponden a nueve especies de murcielagos pertenecientes a cinco familias (Emballonuridae, Molossidae, Vespertilionidae, Noctilionidae, Phyllostomidae) (Fig.