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 (mŏm-băs′ə, -bä′sä)
A city of southeast Kenya mainly on Mombasa Island, in the Indian Ocean north of Zanzibar. Visited by Vasco da Gama on his first voyage to India (1498), the island-city was ruled successively by Portugal, Oman, Zanzibar, and Great Britain until the early 1900s.


(Placename) a port in S Kenya, on a coral island in a bay of the Indian Ocean: the chief port for Kenya, Uganda, and NE Tanzania; became British in 1887, capital of the East African Protectorate until 1907. Pop: 828 000 (2005 est)


(mɒmˈbɑ sɑ, -ˈbæs ə)

1. an island in S Kenya.
2. a seaport on this island. 600,000.
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Noun1.Mombasa - a port city in southern Kenya on a coral island in a bay of the Indian OceanMombasa - a port city in southern Kenya on a coral island in a bay of the Indian Ocean
Kenya, Republic of Kenya - a republic in eastern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1963; major archeological discoveries have been made in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya
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Amuun approached the Red Cross asking for help finding her mum, Zara, who she had last seen in a refugee camp near Mombassa, Kenya, eight years ago.
However, time there was short-lived when the President of Zanzibar announced that he was sending police to Mombassa, Kenya, to arrest all of the Zanzibaris that had escaped the country.
The yacht was on its way to Mombassa, Kenya, from Muscat when it drowned after being caught in bad weather at around 1am.
The supplier, Muse AF Company, is one of the biggest foreign agencies operating in the regional capital of Juba, which also imports beverages from Germany and Dubai via Port Mombassa, Kenya.
The military says the commandos aboard Turkey's TCG Gelibolu stopped the pirate vessel on Sunday as it sailed off the Seychelles on a route being used by a Turkish freighter heading to Mombassa, Kenya.
The remaining 19 American crewmembers disembarked from the ship Tuesday morning and moved to a nearby seaside hotel in Mombassa, Kenya where they will reunion and come together back to the United States.
Gavin first decided he wanted to go to the Arctic while doing volunteer work in a hospital near Mombassa, Kenya, not long after he graduated.
The program was initially launched after terrorists tried to shoot down an El Al plane in Mombassa, Kenya in 2002.
Von Bonin, who was born halfway round the world, in Mombassa, Kenya, in 1962, found her way to Germany, where she gradually (after working a night job as a bartender) insinuated herself into the male-dominated, post-Cold War art scene in Cologne.
Now James will spend Christmas with Moses and his family in their village north of Mombassa, Kenya, and will pay for a well to be dug in the village to provide vital clean water.
While Parr does not expect to trouble the big names chasing a place in the Great Britain team for Mombassa, Kenya, he knows there is still plenty to aim for.