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Noun1.Acer palmatum - ornamental shrub or small tree of Japan and Korea with deeply incised leavesAcer palmatum - ornamental shrub or small tree of Japan and Korea with deeply incised leaves; cultivated in many varieties
maple - any of numerous trees or shrubs of the genus Acer bearing winged seeds in pairs; north temperate zone
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A number of renowned Japanese restaurant chains have announced they are choosing this location for their first stores in Taiwan, including Japan's gourmet French toast restaurant Invorish, Ginzakagari ramen, BBQ chains Kintan Buffet, Bulls, Momiji Chaya, and British tea shop Whittard,
Hopefully the administrators will be able to work together and collaborate,' Ato said at the Momiji Restaurant of Senior Living D'Khayangan.
Xue M, Rabbani N, Momiji H, Imbasi P, Anwar MM, Kitteringham N, et al.
Momiji et al., "Distinct contributions of rod, cone, and melanopsin photoreceptors to encoding irradiance," Neuron, vol.
Momiji et al., "Transcriptional control of glyoxalase 1 by Nrf2 provides a stress-responsive defence against dicarbonyl glycation," Biochemical Journal, vol.
The fried leaf snack is called "momiji" or "momiji tempura" - which means "maple" in Japanese - and can be eaten all year round.
Sometimes Japanese go a little overboard; for example, all the TV commercials show sakura (cherry blossoms) or momiji (maple leaves) at the same time, and every season they have to bring out some new product.
When we were done wandering, Yukiko-san took us to a tea salon where we were handed steaming porcelain cups of matcha green tea and miniature maple-leaf shaped Momiji manj pastries filled with sweet azuki (red bean) paste straight out of the oven.
The rest of Miyajima-if one should be loath to climb its mountain to visit the Daishoin Temple and pagoda that overlook the island-consists of a small town center of winding streets and intimate souvenir shops, coffee and tea houses, inns, and bakeshops selling the famous "momiji manju," pastries shaped like maple leaves that are stuffed with all kinds of sweets though the red bean paste is traditional.
ORIX Corporation, a leading integrated financial services group, announced today that it has agreed to acquire the remaining 5% of common shares of Momiji Lease Corporation (hereinafter, "Momiji Lease") from Momiji Bank, Ltd.
Momiji Apple Kisses Lip Balm (5ml), PS2.50, marksand
Momiji Apple Kisses Lip Balm (5ml), PS2.50, Momiji is "inspired by friendship, adventure and little kindnesses", so spread the love fabulously fruity lip balm.