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Noun1.Momos - god of blame and mockeryMomos - god of blame and mockery    
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ORIGIN: Momos are regular to Nepali restaurants, but its origin is traced back to Tibetan and Chinese list of tastes.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 8 (ANI): Bringing the authentic taste of Momos to India, famous Malaysian restaurant chain, Momo King has announced its expansion in India with its first Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) in Gurgaon.
by Oneza TabishMake your momos with minced chicken or vegetables for your starter.
Roadside food vendors remain busy from the early morning hours until late in the morning selling momos, sel roti and jalebis.
Next is a street food dish called "momos," a type of South Asian dumpling, native to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim.
I have been to many plush restaurants, but when it comes to momos, I swear by the small momo shop we have above the rickshaw stand in Mallital.
JULIA MOSKIN NYT SYNDICATE WHEN Chime Doma and her three sisters were growing up, making sha momos -- juicy beef dumplings that are an obsession among Tibetans -- was a big, much-anticipated project.
"After a prayer Tibetans eat delicious meat dumplings called momos. Tibetans use their fingers to dip each momo into a spicy sauce before eating it." A simple yet delightful read-aloud book, Come and Eat!
Both then went to a kiosk in the area to eat momos.
From the famous kathi rolls and the Mughlai paranthas to momos and Bengali Mach (fish), the long list of menu will surely woo you.
An exquisite array of varieties of momos such as chocolate momos, chicken momos, steamed momos, smoked momos, schezwan momos, tandoor momos etc to name a few make people from all across the region go drool over the luscious snacks.