n.1.The nickname of a crackbrained Italian who fancied himself an emperor.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Institucinio dvaro sukurimas, padejes sutelkti valdzios elita ir itvirtinti monarcho valdzia, laikomas svarbiausia Vytauto pradeta valdymo reforma LDK.
(11) At the social summit was the rarefied courtly world of liveried fools, dwarves, and jesters whose monikers, whether grand or simple, figured them as denizens of a mimic mappamundo beyond family and nation: "Jane Fool," "Monarcho," "Madame Thomasine de Paris," "Dego," "Patch," "Ippolyta the Tartarian." (12)
The most eccentric of Queen Elizabeth's several fools, "an Italian called Monarko" or "Monarcho," expresses that appositional posture in his name, to which Shakespeare refers in Love's Labor's Lost.
Constantas neribota liaudies valdzia mane esant ne maziau pavojinga negu absoliutaus monarcho suverenitetas.
Pedigree: Gr/ro Mare 2014, by Brave 'n Away - Miss Splendid by Monarchos. Owner: In His Favor Stable (Michael Kostich).
No other horse had won the Derby in less than 2 minutes until Monarchos in 2001.
Later, in the so-called Persian Debate (3.80-83), the earliest surviving example we have of political theory, he has Otanes, who had led a conspiracy against a usurper, lay out a fierce critique of monarchy on the grounds that the monarchos ("the one who rules alone") is likely to become a turannos.
On a Kentucky farm, breeds thoroughbred racing horses, including the 2001 Kentucky Derby winner Monarchos. Former editor, Chicago Tribune, Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel.
The Father (monarchos, sole ruler) reveals Himself as Source and Goal of the trinitarian unity.
The monarchOs cut-price bill comes because she claims a 50 per cent tax reduction, as the castle is used as a holiday home.
With incredible good fortune he emerged with Monarchos, winner of the Kentucky Derby in the fastest time since Secretariat.
The Wood Memorial has unearthed the last two winners of the Kentucky Derby - Fusaichi Pegasus and Monarchos.