n.1.A book giving an account of monasteries.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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maestra>> segun Linage, Monasticon praemonstrense, en tres
Beside him lie copies of his other works, the Monasticon Anglicanum and the Antiquities of Warwickshire.
Monasticon anglicanum: A History of the Abbies and Other Monasteries, Hospitals, Frieries, and Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, with Their Dependencies, in England and Wales.
Pointing to works such as Thomas Leland's History of Ireland (1773), Mervyn Archdall's Monasticon Hibernicum (1786), and Edward Ledwich's Antiquities of Ireland (1794), Molineaux affirms that, "Inexorably, in the ensuing decades, the forging of a distinctively Irish historiography served to underscore the 'idiosyncratic quality of the Early Irish Church'" (51).
The account acknowledges Fairfax's "strong sense of his own family roots" (Hodge 136), indicated by the retainer he paid to Roger Dodsworth, an antiquarian, who composed the genealogy of the Fairfax family tree and who was compiling "what was to become the greatest of English monastic histories, the Monasticon Anglicanun" (Post 175).
Topics include Viking warrior burials which may be the longphort, a group of Viking grave mounds and their conservation, a Viking-age story of old and new Dubliners in Ireland and Britain, the possibility of Dublin actually being a duet of Hiberno-Norse cities, a report from the Monasticon Hibernicum Project, a narrative of a guild merchant, a report of an Anglo-Norman excavation, a description of an early suburb, and information on investigating living standards.
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See William Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum (London, 1846), 2.432, and DNB.
During the eighteenth century, while other architects with a better eye to the main, i.e., the classical, chance were publicising Greek and Roman ruins like the palace of Diocletian at Split, worthy souls were publishing books with titles like Monasticon Anglicanum, describing English medieval remains.
(15) The Pope's letter to Edward actually exists and is included in his first charter, dated 5th January, 1066, it is printed by Dugdale in his Monasticon Anglicanum, I: 293.
Entre otras muchas aportaciones posteriores sobre la Orden de la Cartuja en ese ambito territorial, hay que destacar principalmente su participacion como principal autora en el cuarto tomo del Monasticon Cartusiense, editado por el Dr.