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 (bēt′l-yä′, bē′tôl-yä′)
A city of southern Macedonia near the Greek border. It was a major agricultural center in Roman times and an important Turkish military and commercial center in the 15th and 16th centuries.


(ˈbiˌtoʊ lɑ)

also Bi•tolj

(-toʊl, -ˌtoʊl yə)

a city in S Macedonia. 137,636. Turkish, Monastir.
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25/08/2019 19:50, TUNIS/Tunisia (TAP) - US Monastir defeated Club Sfaxien 2-1 at a Tunisia's national soccer League 1 day-1 game played on Sunday evening in Monastir.
Summary: A flight from Denmark carrying 98 passengers between tourists, representatives of the travel agency "Bravo Tours" and Danish journalists, landed at Monastir airport on Monday, after an absence that has
20 spectacles en tout meubleront la programmation de la 44e edition du festival international de Monastir qui se tiendra du 23 juillet au 20 aout 2015 avec en ouverture, un concert de la troupe maghrebine [beaucoup moins que]El Jawq el magharibi[beaucoup plus grand que] avec l'artiste Mahmoud Frih.
Summary: The Rezidor Hotel Group, the Brussels-based hotel management company, announces the Radisson Blu Resort & Thalasso, Monastir in Tunisia.
(TAP)- RAIDA programme for economic empowerment contributed to the emergence of a new generation of female entrepreneurs in Monastir, General Coordinator of the programme Hajer Chakkatold TAP.
The Tunisian airline is scheduled to start weekly services from Monastir to both Lille
The largest infrastructure project in the country it consists of the construction, operation, and maintenance of the new Enfidha Zine El Abidine Ben Ali International Airport and the operation and maintenance of the existing Monastir Airport, under a 40-year Concession Contract for client TAV Tunisia.
(TAP) -- A charter flight from Algiers arrived on Monday for the first time to the Monastir Habib Bourguiba international airport with 125 Algerian tourists onboard.
Summary: The number of visitors and overnight stays in the governorate of Monastir has improved significantly over last year compared to 2016.