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 (mŏn′dō′) Slang
Enormous; huge: a mondo list of pizza toppings.
Extremely; very: a mondo big mistake.

[From mondo (bizarro), very bizarre, from Italian Mondo (Cane), (A Dog's) World, name of movie with bizarre scenes that was a cult favorite in the 1960s.]


(Buddhism) Zen Buddhism a fast and spontaneous Buddhist questioning and answering technique


(ˈmɒn doʊ) Slang. adv.
1. very; extremely: mondo cool.
2. large; big: a mondo history paper.
[1965–70; < Italian mondo world, extracted fr. the film Mondo Cane (1961) and reinterpreted as an adv. in Italian or pseudo-Italian phrases such as mondo bizarro very bizarre, literally, bizarre world]
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Lead researcher Keri Monda and colleagues at North Carolina and Baylor found that over a 12 year period, all individuals who increased their exercise by about 180 metabolic units per week (equivalent to an additional hour of mild or 30 minutes of moderate activity per week) displayed decreased levels of triglycerides and increased levels of the "good" HDL cholesterol.
Conversely, Monda hasn't finished her races that strongly.
When Trixie runs away to investigate the native Alaskan village where her father Daniel grew up, Monda reads effortlessly the few words and sentences in the Yupik language.
Sarasota Middle School eighth-grader Jennifer Monda got her big break when Radio Disney stopped at the Sarasota Film Festival last year to audition more than 50 youngsters for a coveted role as a kidcaster on the tween-themed radio station.
A CRUCIAL meeting on the future of a vital link between Barry Island and the town centre will be held on Monda y.
The 18-year-old Londoner releases debut album Look Inside on Monda and tomorrow night she will be performing some of those songs in a show at the Ikon nightclub arranged to fulfil a pounds 10,000 pledge to the Coventry Evening Telegraph / Mercia FM Snowball appeal.
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Tenders are invited for Laying of interlocking tiles for open gym in nehru nagar park in west marredpally in 150 monda market divn under circle 30, begumpet, nz, ghmc (reserved for sc st wlccs only)
Mazzeo F, Motti ML, Messina G, Monda V, Ascione A, Tafuri D, Palmieri F, Messina A, Monda M (2013) Use of nutritional supplements among south Italian students of physical training and sport university.
Second seed Bettina Bautista overpowered Rose Ferolino, 6-0, 6-0, while unranked Keannu Flores subdued Terry Arejola, 6-2, 6-3, to arrange a showdown for the girls' 18-and-under crown in Series 58 Palawan Pawnshop President's ELO Cup Regional Age Group tennis circuit presented by Technifibre at the Olivarez Sports Center in ParaAaAaAeA~aque Monda
Monda narrates with the force and intensity the prose deserves.
Norman now plays South African Wesley Moodie with the winner moving into the main draw for the championships which start on Monda y.