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 (mŏn′dāl′), Walter Frederick Born 1928.
Vice president of the United States (1977-1981) under Jimmy Carter. He earlier served as a US senator from Minnesota (1964-1976) and was the unsuccessful 1984 Democratic nominee for president.


(Biography) Walter (Frederick). born 1928, US Democratic politician; vice president of the US (1977–81)



Walter Frederick ( “Fritz” ), born 1928, U.S. vice president 1977–81.
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A man who witnessed the crash claimed the driver "ran from the car" into Mondale Road, and that a police dog unit was dispatched to search for the driver.
The threat from Republican attorney general candidate Doug Wardlow to fire about 42 attorneys if he is elected drew a response on Friday when former Minnesota Attorney General Hubert (Skip) Humphrey III and former Vice President Walter Mondale appeared with candidate Keith Ellison to discuss the office.
Senator Walter Mondale (Democrat, from Minnesota), a long-time advocate for abused children, sponsored and developed Capta.
The library, where the vice president hosts small meetings and Bible study, has books by former vice presidents and spouses and ceramic pots made by Joan Mondale, wife of Walter Mondale.
The White House Vice Presidency: The Path to Significance, Mondale to Biden.
Former Vice President Joe Biden escorted Jones down the central aisle of the Senate chamber, while former Vice President Walter Mondale escorted Smith.
Until Jimmy Carter picked Walter Mondale 40 years ago as his running mate, vice presidents did play a very limited role.
In a book out next week, former secret service agent Gary J Byrne alleges the then 24-year-old intern turned up at the White House in 1997 while Mr Clinton was playing host to TV journalist Eleanor Mondale.
In a book out next week, former agent Gary J Byrne describes the day in 1997 that the 24-year-old intern turned up at the White House while the president was playing host to journalist Eleanor Mondale.
Tenders are invited for Mondale Hall - Fire Pump Controller
MINNEAPOLIS -- Former Vice President Walter Mondale is hospitalized with the flu.
Former Vice President Walter Mondale, agreed, saying, "I've often said after a week of that, they would've signed anything to go home." Mondale said it was worth criticism heaped on the administration for taking so much time to focus on one issue.