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 (mŭn′dēz, -dāz′)
On every or almost every Monday: The theater is closed Mondays.
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(ˈmʌn deɪz, -diz)

on Mondays: Mondays we wash.
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References in classic literature ?
'Nicholson,' said he, 'I want you to lend me a pound or two till Monday.'
"On Monday evening last, did you purchase strychnine for the purpose of poisoning a dog?"
Monday morning, Joe groaned over the first truck load of clothes to the washer.
You will please, Mr Pancks, to squeeze the Yard again, the first thing on Monday morning.
For instance, I don't mind 'Nancy' for a name half as much since she told me I could be glad 'twa'n't 'Hephzibah.' An' there's Monday mornin's, too, that I used ter hate so.
Young Harry Paine, who was to marry his employer's daughter on Monday, had come to the tent with a crowd of friends and danced all evening.
Having no desire to leave me too abruptly, she would remain the next day (which was Sunday); and would take her departure on Monday morning.
Start on Monday. I suppose you've got no cause of complaint with that."
Then all of a sudden, on Easter Monday, a warm wind sprang up, storm clouds swooped down, and for three days and three nights the warm, driving rain fell in streams.
I must be at Woodston on Monday to attend the parish meeting, and shall probably be obliged to stay two or three days."
"I shall be over to look that affair up on Monday." Daylight repeated the sentence from the letter aloud.
Tom cursed himself for making that stupid blunder, and tried to rectify it by saying he remember now that it WAS at noon Monday that the man gave him the bill.