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n.1.A month.
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Moneth Montemayor, a teacher of Film, TV & New Media at a school at Indooroopilly in Queensland, incorporated the app in an introductory unit on documentary filmmaking.
Moderated by Mark Poole, the panel included The Family law writer and creator Benjamin Law, The Family Law producer Julie Eckersley, Media educator Moneth Montemayor and SBS Outreach Content Manager Andrew Arbuthnot.
SBS content outreach manager Andrew Arbuthnot and senior film, TV and new media teacher Moneth Montemayor also described the Family Law-themed online resource they created for budding screenwriters.
One thinks for instance of the full title of William Tyndale's translation of the New Testament (1534), The New Testament dylygently corrected and compared with the Greeke by Willyam Tindale: and fynesshed in the yere of oure Lorde God [1534] in the moneth of November.
y]s take wyth feendes of the ffayry / flfor aloone he gothe that I / Ne wote in a moneth where hym to fende / And alle his meyne he levys hym behynde / He lateth hym aloone Sir sykerly / She hath defended hym highly / That he desyre not hir to see / This ys a wonder thing to me / They mete neuer but a nyght / Of hir had he yett neuer no sight / He fyndeth wyth hir alle maner of plesaunce / Hit ys a feende or som myschaunce.
With the tragicall ends of two Emperors, and one Empresse, within one Moneth during his being there (London, 1605) in which the fall of the Tsar, Boris Godunov, is compared to Hamlet, only to repeat her claim about the modern refusal of history.
6) In some cases, English contemporaries referred to menstruation as "Menstrua" because "once in a moneth they happen always to womankind after xiii or xv yeeres of age passed.
The source from whence those mischiefs spring, was at first, I conceive, the neglect of hearing the Bible read, which according to my Grandfathers proscription) was once a moneth at a general meeting, but now many of them wandring far up into the Country, they quite neglected the coming to it, with all other means of Christian instruction, whereby the sence of sin being quite lost in them, they fell to whoredoms, incests, and adulteries; so that what my Grand-father was forced to do for necessity, they did for wantonness; nay not confining themselves within the bound of any modesty, but brother and sister lay openly together; those who would not yeild to their lewd embraces, were by force ravished, yea many times endangered of their lives.
in the new Style (or stylo novo, as they phrase it) which is the first day of the Moneth in the old Style and Accompt of England' (C5V).
He specifies that this celebration, far from being a one-time event, became a fixed part of the ritual calendar: "euer afterward, upon that day at night the Shoomakers make great cheare and feasting, in remembrance of these two Princely brethren: and because it might not be forgotten, t hey caused their names to be placed in the Kalender for a yeerly remembrance, which you shall find in the moneth of October, about three days before the feast of Simon and Jude" (137).
I know not whether it bee worth the labour to mention that which all Historiographers of our time have recorded, to wit, that in the moneth of November, a new Starre, or if you will, a Phaenomenon, was seene in the Constellation of Cassiopeia, which (as I my selfe observed) in brightnesse excelled Jupiter in the Perigee or neerest point of the Eccentric, and Epicycle: and in the same place it continued full sixteene moneths, being carried about with the daily motion of the heaven.