el cheapo

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el cheap•o

(ˌɛl ˈtʃi poʊ)
Slang. a stingy person.
[var of cheapo]
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Therein lies the issue that as long as leaders play the money game when seeking election and not fixing systems, they keep sinking deeper in the pit of giving money while in office.
The expansion of militaries is very much a money game, which we do not have.
Carroll, internationally recognized financial literacy expert with the National Financial Educators, is coming to Southern Illinois University Carbondale to present "Winning the Money Game." The lecture addresses important topics such as strategic budgeting, helpful scholarships, planned savings and appropriate lifestyle habits.
Elections for Senators in Pakistan unfortunately have lost its spirit and have become a money game. It will not be an exaggeration if said that 'Senate in Pakistan is largely for sale'.
Lee Choong Sen, director of Penang-based money game company JJ Global Network Sdn Bhd, claimed trial today to a charge of making a false statement to strike off his company.
Additional titles of the series by the same author and illustrator that are also highly recommended include; "The Shape Game" (9789780986091933, $9.99 HC, $2.99, SC), "The Money Game (9780986091940, $9.99 HC, $2.99, SC)," "The Measuring Game" (9780986091926, $9.99 HC, $2.99, SC), and "The Time Frame Game Advanced" (9780986091957, $9.99 HC, $2.99, SC).
Real Money Answers for Every Woman: How to Win the Money Game With or Without a Man is a money management guide written especially for women, and couched in question-and-answer format.
Football is a money game. Whether they have got the money of a Manchester City or Chelsea remains to be seen.
"This is a money game. Locking people out, shutting stuff off, that's a money game."
Winning the Money Game in College Book 1: Finance is a solid guide to pursuing debt-free higher education.
Thus he stands to beat Pacquiao in his money game and stay healthy, too.
Maybe it's the fact she's fronting another edition of Channel 4's big money game show, or it could be the fact that the buzz of people shouting in her ear from the TV gallery has left her on edge, but whatever reason, it adds to the tension on this hit series.