Money bill

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(Legislation) a bill for raising revenue.

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The exclusive privilege of originating money bills will belong to the House of Representatives.
The money bill was moved by Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad for consideration and return to Lok Sabha.
The remaining four conditions relate to voting in the legislature contrary to the direction of the parliamentary party when electing the prime minister or chief minister, deciding a vote of confidence or no-confidence, debating a money bill like the budget and deciding a constitutional amendment.
The Money Bill included a new stringent fiscal law that it added to the Finance Act at the last minute.
Speaking here in the National Assembly, the minister said Article 73 to Article 87 of the Constitution defines about the power of National Assembly on Money Bills. As per these rules, a Money Bill shall originate in the National Assembly but should be laid before the Senate for debate.
Retailers will be bound to sell certain imported products on prices determined by the importers according to tax experts interpreting the money bill for the coming fiscal year.
The Cabinet Division argued that imposition of any tax fell within the meaning of money bill as provided in Article 73(2)(a) of the constitution.
Both opposition leaders spoke for their respective issues and criticized NAB and judiciary while the money bill was being discussed in the parliament which clearly showed their negative intentions, he mentioned.
Syed Fakhar Imam said the power of parliament regarding money bill and grants needs to be determined.
People from the bottom and lower middle classes are yet to come out of shocks of the first money bill of the present government.
Preparations are on for introducing the third money bill of this fiscal year, while discussions between the government of Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been ramped up.
National Assembly during its four sessions since August 13 has not passed any legislation, except the Finance(Supply) Bill 2018 and that too because it is a money bill. The unforgivable delay in the formation of the committees by Speaker N.A has almost made parliament non-functional.